It all started when…

I'm offering this option only because I have many friends and customers who toke and who have been asking me for years to merge their favourite dessert with their favourite herb. And since TGT are already highly addictive, PLEASE munch responsibly, sweet friend.

I personally have never made or tried this version of TGT (nor will I ever), so I cannot guarantee a thing and I will take ZERO responsibility for what you create or what kind of adventure it takes you on.

I'll supply the dry ingredients and you're responsible for the weed butter, egg and vanilla. Deal?

  • Preheat your oven to 325 (ovens vary)
  • Butter your pan
  • In your bowl of dry ingredients, add an egg, 1/4 tsp vanilla, 1/4 cup melted butter of your choice and mix with a fork or wooden spoon until all ingredients are blended
  • Add the mixture to your pan
  • Bake for 15-20 minutes (ovens vary) and take it out of the oven when it looks darker around the edges but it's still a bit wet and gooey in the middle. If it looks or is fully cooked, you've cooked it too long. If it looks like it's not done yet, that's the perfect time to take it out. TGT is best when the middle part is still a bit liquid and the edges are darker and cooked. This gives it the cookie/butter tart vibe we all love.
  • Cover and let set for 4-24 hours depending on the consistency you prefer if you plan to cut and stack them, or eat them within the hour if you love spoonfuls of warm, gooey awesomeness
  • Cut in slices of 12 (regular) or 8 (jumbo) once the TGT has set. The cutting happens while the TGT is still in the pan
  • Use your cute little spatula to circle around the entire edge of the pan, and then use it to follow along the lines where the knife has been to make sure there is a clear separation between slices. Getting the first TGT out is always the hardest. You'll need to slip the spatula under the slice from the edge of the pan and wiggle it before lifting it up. You can do it! 
  • TGT is best at room temperature because it retains its softness so well and just tastes better like that. Refrigerating or freezing TGT will extend its freshness if you want to save some for another time though. Be sure to wrap your TGT securely so that no air can get in. I use wax paper and tinfoil to wrap them, and then I put the wrapped TGT in a ziplock bag. I'm sure Tupperware will work just fine as well.


Good luck and enjoy! Bonne chance et profitez!