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Hello, my sweet.

My name is Mandy and I am the founder of Mandyland, Too Good Triangles, and Transform Like A Boss, the host of Mandyland Radio on iTunes and I am also the butterfly in the erotic non-fiction soul story, The Poet & The Butterfly.

I began baking Too Good Triangles many, many years ago. As a child, my favourite part of visiting my grandmother in Toronto was eating the Too Good Squares that she would make at Christmas time each year. I could never get enough of them because they were simply perfect in every way. Then when I was 21 (the legal age to receive the crack secret), I asked my grandmother for the recipe.

I began to bake Too Good Squares for friends and family and over time I started experimenting with measurements, baking temperatures, and baking times to create the gooiest dessert ever, and I eventually perfected my own version of the original recipe by adding more chocolate chips and coconut, and baking the dessert for 10 minutes less and also 25 degrees lower to ensure extra softness.

To make this sweet transformation complete, I started to bake the dessert in round tins instead of square ones so that every single slice of Too Good Goodness had the trademark crispy edge that goes oh so perfectly with its soft gooey center.

In 2012, Too Good Triangles as a business was born out of necessity. People were asking to pay me to bake for them and their events so how could I say no?

Having refined the already incredible Too Good Square into the super yummy delish Too Good Triangle that is now softer, gooier, and sweeter than its previous reincarnation, my famous dessert has yet to meet a mouth that hasn’t fallen in love at first bite. Except for my daughter. She hates TGT.

From 2012 - 2016, I spent almost every week bakin' and pimpin' Too Good Triangles from my humble abode in Cambridge, Ontario and shipped 10 countries to date because I believe the world needs and deserves the ultimate mouthgasm. Then I moved to Montreal, Quebec, and relaunched my business in October 2018.

I absolutely love the incredible responses I get from those who try TGT, and I look forward to many more years of TGT adventures in my beautiful city of Montreal.

If you'd like to know more about me, my soul's work, my personal story and my heart's longings, you can explore my inner landscape here.

With oodles of love,

Mandy your Pastry Pimp