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Too Good Triangles is known for its weekly contests on social media, and not just because there have been 300 TGT contests since September 2012. With 196 winners so far (many of which have won multiple times), and no limit to how many times you can win in a row, TGT contests are super fun and the rewards are amazing! 

TGT can be shipped worldwide which means anyone can enter (the winner pays the shipping costs) so there's no excuse not to win yourself a batch of heaven. And if you just can't wait to get your hands on some legal crack, you can place your TGT order in the next TGT Pop Up Shop which opens each Friday from 8am to midnight.

Our two main contests are TGT Freebie Friday and TGT Milestones, and sometimes I add other random contests into the mix to celebrate special moments and events. Below is an overview of our top two.



The TGT Freebie Friday Contest happens every single week from 8am to midnight on all four social media sites and it's open to everyone as long as they're following the page they've entered on. 

The winner gets a Classic batch of TGT and YES, you can win every single week! There are no limits!

All you need to do to enter is share the contest photo pictured above after I post it on each site, and include #iloveTGT and a fun comment with your share. Be sure to check the directions on each site for further instructions because each one operates a bit differently.

The winner is announced each #TooGoodTuesday through a video draw. If I am unable to do a video on a Tuesday, I announce TWO winners on #WinningWednesday. The video is posted on Facebook and is included in the weekly TGT newsletter.


TGT Milestones happen every time we gain another 100 new followers (up to 1000) on our four social media sites (linked in the icons above), as well as for every 100 new subscribers to our weekly TGT newsletter.

For the Milestone contests, all free batches are Classic style.

This contest happens in a similar way to TGT Freebie Friday. The contest photo with the milestone number included on it is posted on the site it corresponds with, and you enter by sharing the picture and adding #iloveTGT and a fun comment with your share. The number of winners will be equal to the number that is specific to that particular milestone.

For example, when we recently hit 500 followers on Instagram, I gave away 5 batches of heaven to 5 people. When we made it to 900 likes on Facebook, I gave away nine (yes, 9!) batches of TGT to nine lucky sweetlings on that page. This is repeated for every additional 100 up to 1000 in every cyber spot.

When we reach 1000 on each and any site, I will give away 10 batches to 10 lucky people and then we will start it all over again with 1000s instead of hundreds. 2 batches for 2000 and so on.


Celebrated TGT Milestones