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Pastry Pimping will resume in 2019.


TGT has moved from Ontario to Quebec and will relaunch in Montreal in 2019! Please join the email list to be the first to know when legal crack will be available once again. Thank you for 4 great years in Cambridge, Ontario!

With Too Good Triangles, you get what you pay for. Quality. Exclusivity. The Ultimate Mouthgasm. True Love. Homemade Goodness. And in a style that suits you best: Classic, Gluten-Free or Vegan/Gluten-Free.

That being said, I know my prices don't fit everyone's budget. So if you can't imagine spending $20 - $25 a pop on legal crack, no worries. I offer a ton of great ways to save a buck and still get your sex in a box because you deserve it, sweet friend. I will leave no tongue unsatisfied! 

That came out wrong.

You want freshly baked, homemade goodness and service with a smile? You want the sweetest trip to tastebud heaven that humans have ever known? You want a delicious replacement for sex? I won't tell.

And you want to help support a great cause while you're at it? Of course you do.

You want a quality, personalized experience with a business owner that genuinely cares? You want exclusive access to a dessert that everyone and their mother, father, sibling, child, co-worker, friend etc. has fallen in love with?

You want to shop local and support an independent business?

And you want to do all these things without having to choose between the paying bills and fuelling your sugar addiction?

No problem. I've got you covered. 



TGT 2for1 Sale: Every first Wednesday of the month from morning until midnight. Exclusive to email subscribers

TGT Birthday Special: $10 batch in ANY style during your birthday month. Exclusive to email subscribers. Does not extend to friends or family.

TGT $15 Sale: All styles are $15. Offered every Thursday (except the week of the 2for1 Sale) from morning until midnight. Open to all.

Buy 10, Get 1 Free: Includes both regular price and sale batches including contest upgrades. Open to all.

TGT Friend2Friend Bonus: If a new TGT sweetling mentions your name when they purchase their first batch of heaven, you will receive $5 in TGT dollars. 

TGT 25¢ Advantage: Earn 25¢ in TGT dollars for every batch you don't box. Apply your accumulated dollars to get free TGT. Open to all.

TGT Freebie Friday Contest: Runs every Friday from morning to midnight. Winner receives a free batch in ANY style with up to four $10 upgrades in either Classic or Vegan style. Open to all. Get full contest details here.

TGT Milestone Contest: Whenever we reach another 100 followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, or get 100 new email subscribers, I give away one Classic batch of TGT for every 100 followers / subscribers up to 1000. Get full contest details here.

TGT New Mama/Papa/Baby Special: $10 Classic TGT batch for new parents and parents who are expanding their clan even more. One batch per family. Must be redeemed before the precious babe is 3 months. A second or third batch is FREE if you give birth to twins or triplets. 

TGT World Tour Rebate: If you do not see your country or city represented on this list of places that TGT has travelled, you get $5 OFF your order just for helping me add another place on our world tour! Please note that it is your responsibility to ask for this rebate when placing your order.