Pastry Pimping season will resume in late 2017.


TGT is moving from Ontario to Quebec and will relaunch in Montreal mid-late 2017! Batches will not be sold in the meantime. Please join the email list to be the first to know when legal crack will be available once again. Thank you for 4 great years in Cambridge, Ontario!


About 95% of TGT orders are picked up here in Cambridge, Ontario (or delivered by bike in Cambridge for $10 a trip during sane weather - no ice or snow), but TGT can also be shipped worldwide (see where we've been here) via Canada Post if you don't mind paying their fees. A box of TGT weighs one pound so it does cost a pretty penny to make its way to you. 

Disclaimer: As your beloved Pastry Pimp, I do not recommend ordering TGT to be shipped unless you're already in Ontario and are willing to pay for next day delivery because you deserve to enjoy the ultimate mouthgasm the way it's intended to be. For them to travel further and longer requires vacuum sealing which, even though it does not compromise taste or freshness, it does compromise the appearance and texture of TGT because my little triangles of yumminess can't help but get squished through such a process.

That being said, many people from around the world are eager to know what all the fuss is about regardless of the squishiness, so I will continue to do my best to make your TGT dream come true.

* Please note that regular Gluten-Free TGT can only be shipped as next day delivery because they are too fragile to be vacuum-sealed. For delivery details, click here.

Check out our fab TGT deals here and if you're itchin' for some legal crack, order here.




If you want to know exactly what it will cost to ship to you (it varies between provinces but stays pretty consistent between states and for international it's all over the place), you can contact me here and include your full mailing address and whether you'd like a quote for one or two batches or both (sometimes it costs about the same to ship two). I will respond with the Canada Post quote before the end of the next business day.

When charging for delivery, I also add the packaging cost ($2-$3) and then round to the nearest dollar either above or below the Canada Post quote so that you have a clean number to work with. We don't work with cents here in TGT land. If at the time of shipping the actual cost is more than the original quote, I will pay the difference. I do not make money from your delivery costs, but unfortunately one pound boxes of heaven aren't cheap to ship depending on where you are. 

Order here.