TGT Member Perks are so good!

Get your Free TGT Membership to access freebies, sweet deals and the ultimate mouthgasm.




Exclusive Access to the Pastry Pimp!

As a TGT Member, you can email Mandy the Pastry Pimp directly for special orders instead of waiting for the next TGT Pop Up Shop.

Access to TGT Sales

Every quarter, TGT hosts the TGT 2for1 sale and yes, this includes Classic, Gluten-Free and Vegan/Gluten-Free styles! There is also the occasional $15 Sale (all batches).

TGT Newbie Special

Never tried TGT before or maybe you tried a slice and now you just have to have a box all to yourself? You get your first box of Classic TGT for only $10.


TGT Birthday Special

Get a $10 batch of TGT in ANY style during your birthday month because hey, it's your birthday! This does not extend to friends or family so invite them to join our sweet clan so they, too, can enjoy all these perks.

TGT New Mama / Papa / Baby Special

If you are a new parent or a parent who has expanded your clan even more, you get a Classic batch of TGT for $10 as a TGT Member. One batch per family and must be redeemed by baby's first birthday. FYI: A second or third batch is FREE if you give birth to twins or triplets. You deserve it!

25¢ Box-Free Bonus

The elegant and crisp white TGT box is perfect for every special occasion, but if you’re stocking up on TGT for yourself and love to fill your freezer with the good stuff to save for later, you get 25¢ for every batch you don’t box which accumulates until you have enough TGT dollars to cash in for more TGT! Your batches, like all batches, will be doubled wrapped (parchment paper + silver foil) to keep it fresh. Go box-free and get more TGT! *The Box-Free Bonus applies to Montreal, Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo customers only because shipping elsewhere requires the box to protect the dessert.

TGT Freebie Friday Contest Bonus Entry

The TGT Freebie Friday Contest runs every Friday from morning to midnight on FacebookPinterestTwitter and Instagram, but as a TGT Member, you have a 5th way to enter and that's simply by hitting reply to the TGT Member Newsletter with your fun comment entry included. So easy! Get full contest details here.

TGT Milestone Contest Bonus Entry

Whenever we reach another 100 followers on FacebookPinterestTwitter and Instagram, or get 100 new TGT Members, I give away one Classic batch of TGT for every 100 followers / subscribers up to 1000. Then we celebrate every 1000 with a giveaway. As a TGT Member, you have an additional way to enter the FacebookPinterestTwitter and Instagram Milestone Contests and that's simply by hitting reply to the TGT Newsletter with your fun comment entry included. Get full contest details here.


Automatic Entry into the TGT Loyalty Program

Beginning October 1, 2018, when you buy 10 batches or batters of TGT, you get a free batch or batter of TGT in ANY style.

TGT Priority Ordering

Once you are a TGT Member, you don't need to wait for a TGT Pop Up Shop to get your fix. You can make special requests at any time, especially if you're visiting my beautiful city of Montreal and want to try TGT while you're here! I will make it happen!