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If you want to know what type of quality and service you can expect from Too Good Triangles and you need proof that there's a market and a die-hard love for TGT, you can read our incredible referrals below from some of our most devoted sweetlings. And that's just the half of it. Check out even more amazing testimonials here



“I have watched Mandy take this simple little recipe and turn it into this amazing little side hustle. She had managed through hard work, perseverance and web presence to cut a niche into an already overcrowded market. How? By believing in her product. You can have the best marketing, design, branding, promotion, etc., but without a great product that people love, it would be fruitless. Is the product viable, yes, in demand, most definitely! Mandy has had customers ask for vegan versions, gluten-free versions, and she has responded by giving her customers exactly what their hearts and palates desire. The thing I love best about TGTs are that you know exactly what is in them. No chemical crap, no preservatives, they freeze well (if they last that long) and are highly addictive. You really can't eat just one. This Pastry Pimp knows her (legal) crack. When you open your mouth to accept this little triangle of pleasure, you want to savour every last flavour and texture but you end up devouring it, helplessly lol. It's chocolatey, gooey, chewy, coco nutty... like a sweet first kiss that you want to never end.” Thea Sommerstorfer


“TGT are pretty freaking amazing. I've never found a similar product in local bakeries and if I want some of that addictive gooey goodness, there's only one place to go, and only one Mandy to make it all happen. There needs to be either more Mandys, or a way to make her production line more efficient so she can bring her magic to more people.” Susan Anderson


“Too Good Triangles is the absolute bestest dessert in the history of ever. My entire family loves, and is addicted to TGT. And unfortunately we do not have the same, regular access to them since our Pastry Pimp left Ontario. However we do jump at the opportunity to get our hands on TGT when it does arise. All of us could only be so fortunate to be able to indulge in these amazing slices of heaven on a regular basis!” Chris Schweitzer


“The first time I ever had TGT was on the recommendation of a friend and a sale that Mandy was hosting. I thought heck let’s do this. I was NOT disappointed. Too Good Triangles are absolutely AMAZING. The flavour is out of this world, I have never had a dessert quite like it. Every time I purchased after that initial try, it was always multiple batches at a time. Why? Well did you know they taste just as amazing right out of the freezer? Yep they sure do! and if you have any intentions of sharing you best be having lots on hand! This dessert is loved in my house like no other. Too Good Triangles really are the bestest dessert in the entire history of ever.” Jodie Inglehart


“If there's anything I know it's that the world could use a little more TGT!!! In my household it's also thought to be the bringer of world peace! Mandy is amazing and cares so much for all of her sweetlings. When I first met her i had WON a FREE batch! From there I obviously became addicted and have ordered many since! There are really no words, except maybe "DROOL" , to describe these treats! Please help Mandy bring us more TGT!!! For the love of Ontario!” Tamara Burt


“As an entrepreneur, I always pay attention to how other people market themselves and have a pretty good sense of what works and what doesn't. And this girl here, she knows how to captivate, titillate and motivate. I often come to her for inspiration. I love the marketing as much as I love the product - both are equally delicious! Her messages arrive in my inbox, hot out of the oven and after I devour them, I can't wait for more. The triangles themselves really live up to their reputation as the best dessert in the entire history of ever. You know you've arrived when you find yourself featured on the wall of fame! Can't wait to see where they end up next.” Shawnda Chambers


"Mandy is a focused, self starter who has BIG dreams and goals for her TGT. The world really does need TGT in their lives. Anyone in the history of EVER who has a sweet tooth, NEEDS these in their lives! I was a regular customer of the Pastry Pimp when she lived in Cambridge and reach out to her when I visit family in Montreal to get my fix. My taste buds are definitely craving these beauties. It would be wonderful if she could expand and make TGT available to everyone by way of getting into local businesses. Given the opportunity, the rest of the world would embrace TGT. There is no doubt about that! Why else would Mandy have a list of us waiting for her to mix up some of her TGT batter and get it to our sweet hands ASAP!? We don’t line up for it because it terrible... we line up for it because it’s a hot commodity and it’s the best dessert in the history of EVER!” Val Bush


“We all know you meet people for a reason, such is the same with Mandy. I have known Mandy for many years. As well as her amazing and strong spirit Mandy has created the ultimate treat, Too Good Triangles! As the name states, they are too good. Let me tell the story of my first encounter with TGT. It was at our Bicycle Shop and Mandy was coming by to pick up her Bicycle from service. There were three staff and one sales rep at the shop. Mandy brought TGT as a token gift for us. The reaction of all of us was, "What have we been missing". To this day that moment is still talked about! Mandy's love for TGT and her flair for marketing an amazing product is apparent in each interaction with her. She is an amazing person with an incredible product that should be introduced to bigger markets. Much like other household snacks out there, TGT would be fantastic for the masses. " if you love something set it free". Clifford Vanclief


“I first discovered Too Good Triangles about 18 months ago. I entered the weekly giveaway (genius) and after my second entry, I WON! As if that wasn’t thrilling enough then I got to eat them. I think I picked up some additional original and some vegan. I was hooked at first bite, I even think I sent Mandy a message with at least one expletive. Selfishly I was pretty upset as she moved to Quebec soon after I discovered these slices of heaven. Last summer I reached out before a big road trip and she was able to do a special order for me (what custom service!) and it made our east coast experience a whole lot sweeter, pun intended. I jumped all over her recent offer of batter sent out to her fans. I would also add in that I love to and am pretty good at baking, but bow down to this kind of talent. I have worked my way up in customer service for the last 26 years (oh god I’m old) and KNOW what great product and service looks like, and folks this is it! I will basically open my wallet to her when I get a chance to buy!” Kelly McKenzie


"Mandy's Too Good Triangles dessert is the most delicious dessert I have enjoyed. It is impossible to eat just one! They leave a permanent impression on anyone I know who has tried them. I am always excited to have more. The dessert stands on its own. I believe any customer will become a repeat customer, a regular customer, because once trying this desert, you always want more. Mandy has the natural ability to promote. Her enthusiasm, vibrancy, and sincerity shine in all that she does. She is highly creative and engaging. Mandy has a way with people, one that stimulates energy and excitement and has the ability to establish positive connections with others. Mandy Richardson has a passion for business, internal drive, and works harder than anyone I have ever met. I am confident that she can make her business a huge success given the opportunity, guidance and support necessary to make it happen. I look forward to Too Good Triangles being known and available to the world. She is sitting on a goldmine." Melanie McKay


“Too Good Triangles are a slice of heaven that melts in your mouth. Irresistible goodness in a convenient triangle shape neatly packaged in good looking box. If you've got a sweet tooth, this is the ultimate treat! Before you know it, you'll be licking the box clean and planning your next order, they're that good! I love TGT for getting me through 3 pregnancies, and the tired nights that followed! They'll always hold a special place in my heart as my special treat for helping me survive through it all. I love the marketing for TGT! Who doesn't love a triangle shaped food in a good looking box?? The weekly contests were so much fun, and definitely got my interest! I can't wait to see TGT go big because something this good needs to be a permanent fixture in the world! The idea of TGT in multiple formats (including raw batter!) makes me so happy! The more the better!! Talk about convenience, I can now bake it fresh at home whenever I want! The world is going to think TGT is amazing, because they are, plain and simple. You don't need to dress something up when it's already Too Good! I hope you get all the funding you need, Mandy, the world definitely needs TGT, it's time to let that star shine bright! With love and sugar kisses, April O’Brien”


“Mandy brings absolute joy to those around her, and her TGTs pastry goodies do just that. She is incredibly thoughtful, cares deeply, and is a creative spirit. Like Mandy's lovely self, the TGTs are best when shared with loved ones and friends. Mandy is a social media goddess. She is engaging, authentic, and a sweetheart and these come through when you are in person with her and also in her TGT writings, posts, videos, etc. For me, it is so rare to see so much endless kindness and talent in one person.” Kai Ung


“I fell in love with TGT (Too Good Triangles) by chance, when I saw a post from a friend about a Freebie Friday Contest. I thought they sound interesting, and I have nothing to lose. Well after a few weeks of entering I won my first batch. I tried the Original I fell in love with them, they really are legal crack! They are a different type of baked good, but so yummy. Sweet, and chewy (did I say I love chewy treats!), and if you can control yourself to eat only one, great portion control! With the win I also got to meet Mandy, who I did not realize I had met awhile before when we both did a short gig with a retailer. We got to know each other better over TGT. I have to say, I have always felt that the love that Mandy puts into making them is a good part of the reason behind the success she had here in Cambridge. The positive interaction with her clients, and her brilliant way of using social media to promote her product. How many businesses people use no catch free give always to get their product out into the marketplace? Oh and yes it works… the number of friends who shared the weekly posts got the word out. People outside of the country were placing orders for TGT! That in itself is an amazing accomplishment in my opinion. Mandy accomplished so much with her business, out of her tiny little kitchen. This is a lady who can do anything she puts her mind to. She has a good sense of business, and is humble in every way for those who supported her. I have to say that she was also incredibly smart to adjust her recipe to Vegan & Gluten Free. These are two markets that need more interesting and fun treats. I for one am neither, but love them both! I can truly say that I love Too Good Triangles and am glad to say that I brought others to the fold of dedicated followers of these sweet treats. The idea of selling a ready made batter or the dry ingredients for a bake at home product is a great idea. I would love to have the scent of fresh baked TGT in the air as I walked around my home. Not to mention both of these methods of selling TGT, could be used by groups and schools as fundraising items. The possibilities are endless! If there is something the world needs at this point is to allow people on a larger scale the opportunity to fall in love with these gems!” Leslie Burt


“Too Good Triangles are not only delicious, but they bring people together. I can't tell you how many people have bonded over their shared love of these treats, and also over their love for the woman making them. TGT is yet another way Mandy looks after those she cares about and honestly, you can taste that love in the triangles! Watching Mandy start the business from her kitchen in Ontario and seeing her excitement for it grow has been wonderful, and so I'm keen to see that continue. I'm only sad that I'm so far away and can only taste these when I come back to Canada to visit! Please, please, PLEASE help Mandy bring these delicious treats to others through your business - your return on the investment will be evident in the smiles of anyone who buys them!” Ashley Dean


"I met Mandy what seems like a lifetime ago through these delicious treats and I'm so thankful I have. Not only is she an amazing person but these treats are just as amazing, if not more! I started by entering her Freebie Friday contests on Facebook as I wasn't making a lot of money and couldn't really afford the treats but really wanted to try them. Eventually I won, and kept winning and I thought what an amazing way to promote your business. Not only are you selling them but also giving them away so that people can try them! And I was hooked! As there were a lot of people, what started with a 1 in 10 chance of winning became 1 in 30 or 40 chance. But I still entered and I still won!! After a while she needed some help cutting and wrapping and I asked if I could help and she agreed and I feel in love with the treats even more! I got to see the love and magic that goes into making TGT and I wanted to do everything I could to help grow this business but as with life things didn't go to plan and she had to stop and moved to Montreal. My heart broke as there wasn't contests to enter any more, I couldn't buy them as a treat any more, but then, something amazing happened. I received an email saying she was going to be offering pints of the batter so I can make it at home YAY!!! I was so happy, I know it won't be the same but I look forward to making my own batch in my own kitchen and having those familiar smells waft through my home. I've always been a lover of the Vegan/GF kind and still am and I am beyond excited for the opportunity to have this come back. Be it in stores in Ontario, shipped to me or whatever. I want TGT BACK and you can make this happen!! I promise you won't regret bringing her on and selling this amazing product. Yes there's lots desserts and cookies out there but TGT really is one of a kind!! :) My heart is so happy it's back!!!” Kelly Sanzsole


“These little triangles are more than just a dessert, it brings people together. I met Mandy through her passion for her triangles and frequent contests she had. The first time I tried them I fell in love ... but the first time I received a batch from the one and only Pastry Pimp herself I saw all the love she poured into her creation and how much joy she got from treating everyone! Stranger or not you would leave with a box of treats and a friend for life! These special treats are delicious but once you learn the story behind it, it's so much more! It's much more than a treat, it's love in a triangle!” Christine Fitzgerald


“The first time I tried TGT it was amazing. I had received a tin of them as a gift. I had never tried anything like them, and me being me I shared my amazing experience with my friends. Then I was determined to meet the amazing woman behind the TGT. I met her after I had won my first batch of free TGT. She blew me away. Her energy to bring people together amazes me. I kept entering the contests. I loved that there was so many ways to enter. It got me learning how to use some more social media. I can’t wait to get some more of these lovely treats. I miss them. TGT and Pastry pimp got me through a difficult time. They remind me of hugs and good times. They are a lovely memory to have. I feel the warmth and love that goes into them with every bite I take.” Rebekah Mohabir


“From first taste I fell in love. Mandy has the enthusiasm and drive behind her to take TGT further. I personally knew she could leave her cute little kitchen in Cambridge and sell her mouth watering better than sex morsels of heaven in a cafe or bakery. The world needs these. They are a great gift for every occasion. I have given them to friends and family from celebrating a new life, new house, new job to celebrating a life lost. With a grant behind her I know that Mandy can make her dream come true. P.S. I'm eating the batter right now.” Angela Lovely


“The only thing that is negative about these beauties is when you finish the last one. I was so sad when Mandy moved to Montreal because my beloved affair with TGT would end. I look forward to the day I could go a buy my own right off a shelf in my own town. That would make me a happy girl! TGT is the perfect combination of a chocolate chip cookie and a butter tart. Who doesn't love both of those items so how could this idea not work?! The flavor is out of this world goodness that keeps you wanting more. On occasion I may have been known to buy several batches and freeze them for later consumption...secretly of course so I had them ALL to myself! Sending oodles of love and best wishes to my Pastry Pimp XO” Michelle McIntosh


“I have been a huge fan of the Pastry Pimp and her delicious treats for years now! There has been nothing like them around and are very addictive. I’ve missed them! I believe Mandy has a great business plan and can take TGT to the next level. Her passion and positive attitude will take this far! I would love to go into a café or something and grab a coffee and a slice of heaven! I love all the different varieties as well. Classic to vegan and gluten-free. She has thought of it all!” Kathy Pescod


“I wish I could buy TGT everywhere! I always end up eating the whole box myself.” Katie Hawes


“When I lived in Cambridge, Mandy did too and I discovered TGT. I am not a huge sweet eater BUT once I tried all versions of TGT, I became somewhat of an addict. Her product is amazing and her business sense is incredible. Neither of us lives in Cambridge anymore and I, very sadly, no longer have access to my favourite dessert in the world, along with many other fans, friends and "addicts". Her products are tasty, with vegan & gluten-free options & the Classic. Please help Mandy, our Pastry Pimp, friend and favourite baker, make her dreams, (and ours) come to fruition. Thank you.” Debbie de Zwaan



“TGT is the most amazing delicious treat I have ever had. I am so excited that they may be available again near me. I would purchase them in heartbeat. I tell everyone I know about them. No matter what dessert you buy or bake they are never as good. Please bring them back.” Andrea Stewart


“I’ve missed TGT so much since Mandy moved to Montreal, I would be ecstatic if I would be able to purchase them again in Ontario, and knowing that the batter would be available as well is super exciting! I could just imagine how good my house would smell .. if it even made it to the oven.” 😉 Sarah Varga


“TGT are a delicious, decadent treat, and a hit with everyone I've seen try them. The Pastry Pimp's passion for her product is infectious.” Laura Chartier


“I first tasted TGT when the lovely Mandy dropped in to our animal shelter and presented them to us as a gift for our work with the animals. Very strategic. Highly emotional job… mostly female workers… who doesn’t want sweets and recognition. They were delicious and just what we all needed. I've placed several orders personally as have some of my co-workers due to the melt in your mouth explosion of flavors. It’s almost like taking your favorite dessert bars and combining them. When you are at a buffet you just have room for one, but there's several you like. These bars that Mandy makes combined those, at least for me. The thought of being able to buy the batter and have that delicious smell permeating through my house would be heavenly!” Tracy Laraway


“I wish my mom bought them more often. They're super yummy.” Matthew Lowry


“My daughter and grandsons introduced me to this delicious treat. They love it and now I love it. I believe many, many people would also love this tasty treat.” Angie Wiles


“The first time I tried Too Good Triangles at one of my best friend’s wedding a few years ago I was in heaven! I literally loaded these delicious treats into my oversized purse and The Pastry Pimp looked on with laughter and love while taking pictures of me to share my excitement with all of her TGT loving sweetlings. I have been hooked ever since and always jump at the opportunity to order at least 4 batches so my boys can each eat a batch at our own pace. My extended family are dying to try them since they see me rave about them constantly on social media.” Jenni Lowry


"Mandy is an amazing entrepreneur. I love how she treats her customers. She is always surprising me personally. She honestly is an example for single mothers who want to open their own business one day. TGT truly is a winner! Not only because of its original uniqueness! TGT is so yummy these triangles literally melt in your mouth and they are the most delicious dessert I’ve ever eaten. Mandy has worked very hard. This is all of her hard work and effort and countless hours of time. She uses her own money to buy all the ingredients. She has not only been passionate with her creation, she is also diligent. She has loved learning how to speak French as well to broaden her business distribution. She has spent countless hours preparing contests for customers friends all over the world to win TGT (The bestest Dessert in the entire history of ever). She sends her beautiful heart wherever TGT goes and her true heart follows. She has had regular customers as well. With her own money she has sent them worldwide, paid shipping and handling herself her transportation is her bicycle and sometimes she will ask a friend to drive her to pick up ingredients for TGT triangles. She donates proceeds to the Humane Society with her money she’s earned for herself through TGT. I would buy them all the time; from stores worldwide. Farm Boy Fresco, No Frills. Food Basics. Loblaws, Cosco, corner stores. Super C stores & Shoppers Drugmart. I’m not sure of other names of stores worldwide wherever Too Good Triangles go, I too will follow and so will everyone else, after the first bite!!! You truly cannot stop eating them they are so wonderful!!. Like Claude Monet loves painting, Mandy loves sharing her gift of TGT!! This amazing opportunity will help her dreams come true and all of ours too. Being able to purchase them at our local stores whenever I’m craving them. Thank you for taking the time to invest in Mandy Richardson and her phenomenal dessert! There is no doubt she will have success." Michelle Ruthven


“Too Good Triangles are the best desserts ever. I don't know anyone who doesn't melt when they eat them. I keep talking about them to my family members far away and I wish they could try them. I can't even keep them in the house. It's funny because when I show them to people, they're just like, "oh nice, a dessert," and then they try them and they go: "oh wait, what the f*ck, these are actually insane." Fiona MacGillivray


“These triangles are magnificent. For me all it took was one bite and I was hooked! Not many kinds of desserts really satiate and satisfy my thirst due to their lack of quality and taste but TGT is a number one player for me when it comes to quality, taste and presentation. I have had them many, MANY times and each tasting adventure is better than the last. It turns on the pleasure centre and never disappoints. It just makes the world a better place period. The secret to heighten the senses lies inside each of one of these perfectly constructed triangles. Effortlessly and unforgivingly delicious. Try your first TGT and fall in love today. Life will never be the same.” Stepanka Srbecky


“My friends are the ones who told me about TGT. They raved and raved and raved. I decided I needed to try these because my friends swore by them and they are usually right! So I went on and to my dismay they had moved and I could not order any at the moment. I was so sad. So now I try to make sure I do not miss any emails or contests so that I can finally try these! I am definitely going to get some one way or another! I need to be able to order. I have family in Quebec maybe they can send me some if they don’t keep them and eat them for themselves! Please make these shapes of deliciousness accessible to everyone!” Jenny Prendergast


“I mostly love that there are options for people with Vegan or Gluten Free restrictions, and they taste so ooey-gooey good you wouldn’t know that they were made with those options. It’s one of my favourite treats to have on hand in the freezer and pull out when needed, but I would love to be able to get my hands on them all the time!” Brittany Laton


“Mandy the Pastry Pimp the creator of Too Good Triangles makes the most wonderful delicious tasty treats. I have had many of these sweet delicious morsels of pure goodness. I love them because they satisfy my cravings. They melt in my mouth but have a great crunch to them. You can also freeze them and enjoy weeks or months later. Mandy would also do a draw for weekly giveaways which was a fantastic idea to ensure her new customers and old customers would keep coming back for more. I would love to be able to purchase these on a regular basis. ( grocery stores, online and local community shops.) I would love if everyone around the world could get their hands on them and enjoy them as much as I do. This girl will someday play in the big league. Thank you Mandy for your sweet creation. A big loving fan from Kitchener Ontario.” Emma Webb


“I love them SO MUCH! They are the *best* dessert. They are different than all the other stuff and so the world will love them. I like the creamy chocolate and the nice flaky crust. And they are gluten free so I can eat them. Oh they make my tongue feel super soft and they are like pie but better. Yep, those are my reasons.” Kiivyn Chambers, Age 10


“I absolutely LOVE TGT! They’re my delirium and would love to see everyone enjoying them as much as I do! They have the perfect blend of crunch and chewy. I love that the integrity of the product is always maintained be it through taste or promotion. Mandy’s giveaways and contests are fun to participate in! I’d love to have TGT batter at home to fill my house with a super yummy scent, making envious mouths water!” Carmen Cordova


“Delicious, sweet but not TOO sweet, an unexpected treat, just one try and you are hooked for life, quality, care, a secret you don't want to share but too amazing not to! Am I talking about TOO GOOD TRIANGLES or their maker Mandy Richardson? YES!!!” Craig Rintoul


“I am so excited for you to be stepping into the world of big business with your wonderful Too Good Triangles. Our family absolutely drooled over the last batch that you mailed to me. I would certainly appreciate having them more accessible in retail outlets, but because we live in a small rural town, I would be happy enough to be able to mail-order them for special occasions. Best of luck with this project, Mandy — If anybody can dedicate her creative energy and drive to make it work, it’s you!” Kay Klopstock


“It would be a dream come true, not just for the TGT maker, but for all her customers as well to have the TGT’s available at our own grocery store would be fabulous!! I have eaten a lot of baked goods in my life time, but none compare to the mixture, taste and texture of TGT’s. Even when I was on a very strict diet I cheated with TGT’s!! They are just that good. Although I live in Nova Scotia, the delivery of my order was fast, well packaged and absolutely worth waiting for. Cannot wait to be able to buy more!” Jean Beaudry


"Love at first bite" we all fell in love with TGT. Perfect snack or dessert. The weekly contest was fun and #pullingalovely became a thing WOW. I had a dream come true just last week with my first taste of TGT batter. Omg the TGT batter is even better. Loved Mandy’s videos every friday because she made TGT the best in the entire history of ever.” Jason Lovely


“I’m a huge fan of all things TGT. They really are the bestest desert in the entire history of ever. My daughter and I like to eat them frozen or fresh. We love to break them up and put them in our ice cream and I look forward to buying the batter and making my own TGT batter ice cream. TGTs are my go to treat to order and take to potlucks and get togethers because they are always a hit!” Christen Latham


“I love TGT because Mandy makes them. I like that they have chocolate chips in them. I really like the name because they really are too good. I would like if they were in a grocery store because then we could buy them all the time.” Liem Pall, Age 8


“I am sooo addicted to TGT!! I could seriously eat it every day. It’s the perfect amount of sweetness and chocolatey goodness. I wish it was available in stores in my area!” Bobbi Van Huisstede


“I love TGTs so much. My favourite thing when Mandy comes back to town to visit, besides the obvious of seeing her because she’s one of my favourite people, is the fact that she always brings me a batch of these yummy delightful treats. They don’t even last a day in my house... And I’ve generally eaten at least three the minute I get them in my hands. I would love if the batter was available and I could make them myself at home!!!” Sheena Sanfilippo


“There is something about biting into these tasty morsels that somehow sets everything in the universe right. I would visit and leave with a box. To me it was a win win. If these treats were readily available for store purchase I would absolutely be interested. Speaking of, at this moment I would love a few triangles, they would be perfect right now.” Anthony Arthur


“Mandy's TGT's are simply to die for, they are sweet, mouth watering and full of flavor. When I first tried TGT I was picking up my winning box from Mandy's giveaway and I couldn’t wait to get home to have one I ate it in the car. I can’t wait for TGT to grow bigger and be in every province and city across Canada so no matter where I go on vacation I am certain to be able to have my TGT. I hope to be able to buy TGT batter locally so I may be able to bake and serve it at home to help spread this amazing desert to many more people whom have yet to try the best desert in the world. I am certain that any one person who tries TGT will fall in love with them immediately due to the sweetness of it and its addiction that you can’t have just 1 bite or 1 piece. Good Luck Mandy and I hope to see your product in our stores soon. Love you girl.” Shelly Hu


“I loved TGT, I was blessed with a batch Mandy sent me all the way from Canada to Mexico, as you know, in Mexico we love food, and as a fat woman I definitely recommend this little bites of heaven, I wish I could order them online and have it on my door in less that a wink. I really think TGT going big would allow this deliciousness to be available to everyone in North America, meaning even Mexico will be able to taste a little sweetness from Canada.” Lily Rivera


“I am more of a savoury than sweet gal, however, there are times that I have a craving for something sweet or when I need a perfect treat for a gift or office occasion- then my go-to delights are Too Good Triangles (TGT)! I LOVE that the Pastry Pimp listens to her sweetlings and has produced a gluten free as well as a Vegan version in addition to the Original. These little bits of heaven are just the right size, hit the spot and satisfy my sweet tooth and those of everyone who has had the pleasure of taking a bite of a Too Good Triangle. I’m very excited to hear that soon I may be able to find them fresh in my corner store or better yet, bake them as I need them! Mmmmmmm. Can’t wait!” Valerie Beyer


“I fell in love with TGT from the first bite. They’re good enough to share but I chose not to. It’s like crack in a bottle and absolutely delicious. I wish they sold them in grocery stores, I would pick them up religiously.” Trevor Johnson


“Having had a few batches of the deliciousness that is Too Good Triangles, I'm very curious about getting to try the batter as well! I'm already a fan of anything to do with cookie dough, and I fear that the batter for TGT may not even make it to the cooking stage. But having both the slices and the batter more accessible can be nothing but (too) good! (Aside from my waistline) ;) Keep up the delicious work!” Michael Corneau


“For me it's like a drug when you start eating the most yummiest dessert you can't stop yourself from eating all of it. It's for sure one of the best desserts I have ever tasted." Sally M.


“Wow Mandy! You’ve outdone yourself with these snacks when I got the one batch of them I ended up finishing them in a day or so. The snacks (of which contain some kind of granola and chocolate in the middle) are amazing and I hope others will be able to try them out for themselves in the future!” Noah Wheaton, Age 14


“The worst thing about loving Too Good Triangles is the lack of them in my life! I would love the opportunity to purchase TGT whenever I crave them and introduce to friends and family! They are that good!” Gayle Jones


“We truly love Too Good Triangles! They taste like no other dessert or square I’ve tasted. I would love to be able to get Too Good Triangles shipped me to anytime I wanted. She always has had the best contests and promotions I’ve ever seen on all social media! Wishing her the best of luck and look forward to getting Too Good Triangles soon! Thanks.” Melissa Manfini


“I want to see TGT spread across Ontario! I have not yet tried them but I hear amazing things and I can't wait to try. The fact that their is gluten free and vegan options is amazing and pretty much sold for me. Not many places offer these options ! I missed the last order but I will definitely be picking some up when the next order comes! My mouth waters just looking at them!” Nicole Kirkland


“Too Good Triangles is more than just a treat. Besides being very delicious, the way that it is marketed is pretty cool. Mandy is truly passionate about her product and her passion makes others excited to try it. She's real and honest. I'd love to be able to get it locally. I miss that option!” Lisa Shiels


“If you need a special treat, you need Too Good Triangles. When I buy a gift for someone else, I have to buy a package for myself otherwise the person receiving the gift would notice a ripped package and a few missing triangles. So I buy two; it's just the classy thing to do. And then I eat them all by myself. Too Good!” Angela Caretta


“THE BEST CRACK DESSERT EVER!!!! 🤗❤🤘😍” Daisy Hollett


“J’ai eu le grand plaisir de pouvoir goûter aux pâtisseries de Mandy grâce au son amie Fiona. Je les ai trouvé excellente! Je crois fortement à son projet et que la ville de Montréal aimera comme moi ses pâtisserie. D’ailleurs, heureusement, j’ai volé le dernier morceau à Fiona avant qu’elle ne le mange.” Christopher Grifasi


“Although I've only had TGT a few times when in Montreal, they have left an impression! Everytime Mandy brought some to school or to a get-together, it tasted amazing and consistent every time I tried some (she's definitely got it down to a science). I wish I was back in Quebec so I could enjoy some more! That's why expanding this business is such a great idea, I would love to enjoy some wherever I am in Canada (especially in BC) or the world! I believe TGT could sell really well anywhere Mandy sends it. I can't wait to have these again, I'm hoping for the best with this expansion!” Margaret Morales


“TGT are amazing I love these delicious treats that can be eaten warm but they are also so yummy frozen. I love keeping my TGT treats in the freezer and I love eating them hot or cold. They are made with love and you can tell. Delicious treats that are yummy in my tummy!! Love love love 👌💕❤️ Sajan Hayre


“I cannot wait for Too Good Triangles to grow. There absolutely the bestest!!! Hope that we can get them in Ontario again. Mandy is great in marketing and networking but the triangles really do sell themselves.” Jennifer O’Connell


“My grandmère was an avid baker in our family. Bringing up four boys in rural northern Quebec meant a lot of cooking and baking as part of family life. Years later in southwestern Ontario, there were constantly fresh donuts, huge pans of chocolate cake with raisins, and of course the holidays with chausses aux pommes and pêtes de souer. There were never preservatives: farm fresh eggs, butter, cream made her baked goods irreplaceable. Decades later, her recipes are still made every holiday with the same ingredients that bring all of us back to our childhood. In 2014, a friend brought Too Good Triangles to a social gathering. Amid the store-bought goodies others brought, there was instant appeal - the visual slices bursting with chocolate chips and coconut, the crisp edge and soft centre, and the aroma! If I only had one thing on the table, it was going to be what was in the unassuming white box stamped Too Good Triangles. I hadn't tasted anything outside of our family that had reminded me of grandmère's baking in almost 30 years, and I was instantly addicted. It didn't surprise me to know TGTs were made with the same simple ingredients, every batch baked with love by a wonderful woman, Mandy Richardson, using her grandmother's recipe. White box after white box came into our home, each box opened with no less excitement than the first. Mandy's marketing techniques brought in new orders, as well as rewarding those who purchased and promoted her Too Good Triangles (TGTs). Through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, TGTs had a cult-like following of avid fans, eager for their next slice of heaven. TGTs became widely known by her fans as "legal crack" or "mouthgasms", delivered via Mandy, aka "The Pastry Pimp". Customers began sending in rave reviews, saying they were 'better than sex', prompting more people to try TGTs and fall in love with them. So many people touted their goodness, that Mandy was asked if they came in Gluten-Free or Vegan. After perfecting new recipes, two more TGT favourites were born, much to the delight of those with dietary restrictions! Requests came to ship them out of province, even out of the country, for those who tried them and had to have them again. When Mandy moved out of province, she still found ways to keep her devoted patrons by offering occasional TGT fixes when she’d visit Ontario. This month, she's offered new formats by shipping frozen TGT Batter and dry TGT batter to test out, so people could enjoy the aroma & excitement of baking them fresh in their homes. Her innovation, marketing and dedication to her Too Good Triangles home-based business is exactly why TGTs should become a full-time venture. Offering fresh slices and batter on a larger scale can only bring about a flurry of new 'legal crack addicts' nostalgic for homemade goodness few businesses can offer. I'm eager for everyone to know that good things come in small triangles.” Annette Denis


“I adore the flavour and ingredients in TGT. I have ordered it from Mandy to eat in my home in Edmonton and it was a pleasure to enjoy and share. (I found out about Mandy and her dessert entirely online.) I'm certain her product will be a hit in Montreal and beyond and that her business will only flourish with some backing and her special brand of TLC.” Colette Miller


“Have never had the pleasure of trying these. I have only heard how amazing they are looking forward to trying them as soon as they are available for purchase.” Leslie Bolduc


“I have to say that even though I am allergic to coconut I drool every time I see pictures of the TGT and I still want to have them. I feel they should be sold EVERYWHERE as Mandy is just that awesome of a person and as a baker. You are amazing, Mandy.” Wanda Mannell


“I love the Pastry Pimp who makes these treats and these absolutely amazing treats.” Denise La Croix


“I was the proud winner of one of the contests that Mandy had posted just before she moved away. After the first bite I was in complete heaven and have been craving them ever since. It will make my day soon as they are up and running again so that I can get my fix mailed right to my house. The Pastry Pimp is definitely worth the investment.” Laura Broderick


"Too Good Triangles: What do those 3 words mean to me and my family? To answer that question, I am first reminded of the first time I ever tried one. I had entered a contest to win a batch as I did every week religiously. It wasn’t just any contest. It was one where I was actually motivated to read and follow the instructions. I would wait for Friday to come and check constantly. Then that Friday finally came. Finally, my name drawn. I drove from another city to pick up my small white box of the unknown. I was happy to do it because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I would tune in to wherever there was a post about Too Good Triangles or the Pastry Pimp herself because she was relatable, genuine, and had the drive and determination to keep this going. Not to mention she was absolutely hilarious! I was never without a grin or an actual “laugh out loud” when reading through her online posts, responses and presence. Something else happened that was significant after I found out about these little treats. I met an entire new world of people! And I don’t just mean banter back and forth on a Facebook page. I was in college back then and winning the treats were the more affordable option for me. I was a single mom and every penny was going towards my education. The people who followed Too Good Triangles became like a family. Everyone had the common ground of sweet ooey gooey goodness. So many happy people logging in and I met some over the top fantastic people. Due to my finances, I couldn’t afford a winter coat one year. I had posted a picture of one I loved online and the most amazing thing happened! The Pastry Pimp has always referred to her followers as “Sweetlings” and one such Sweetling whom I had never met; I had only offered to share my winnings with, bought me the winter coat as a gift to say thank you for sharing my TGT with him and his wife. I still have that coat as it came all the way from UK and it’s my favourite one! I’ve sat back and watched in amazement how a community (from all over the map) will come together for the Pastry Pimp just because we are all addicted to her magical treats! Whether it was to grab butter when it went on sale or massive bags of brown sugar, it dawned on me that everyone was willing to jump in because they were paid with TGT. I also remember times where there was a rush of people trying to be the first to offer assistance just to get the treats. Now, back to my first time trying TGT!! WOW!! Just WOW!! I have to admit that I ate the entire box and had to purchase more to share with my family. (They knew I was picking them up) I’ve since ordered them for cranky times when I need a boost, for when I have company over and I need to impress them, for when I need a gift or when my family won’t stop hounding me for more! When you sink your teeth in and take your first bite, the reaction is always the same. It makes you smile and reminds you of that homemade baking that was done with love from Gramma. I’ve stashed mine in the freezer for several months at a time and I eat them frozen or thaw them out. I’m always impressed that they don’t taste stale. We fight over the crumbs at home. I’ve added them to ice cream and because they are cut into Triangles, they present amazing! I’ve even had some that I got free with my purchase because the Pastry Pimp thought they were over done. I can say with absolute certainty that they were beyond fabulous and I served them to guests at my graduation party who went crazy over them. I’ve attended a few fund raisers locally where I knew TGT was on the desert table and I’m not ashamed to admit I lingered there until it was time to eat. (Although I wasn’t the only one with that idea so I actually had to behave like more of a vulture). I reside in a small town called Embro. I’m about 7-8 hours away from the Pastry Pimp now. In a perfect world, I’d be able to order them and have them delivered either to my home or to a vendor where I could pick them up. If there was an App for that, even better! It’s something I’m more than willing to pay shipping costs for. It’s a guarded recipe and for good reason. I don’t need the recipe. I’ll take TGT freshly baked, frozen or the batter. I’ll even lick the spoon! I imagine a time where instead of waiting for Friday to roll around to see if I’ve won, I’m waiting for that exclusive delivery to show up. TGT travels well. This I know. I’ve sent them with my fiancé to Germany where they went undetected in his carry on bag. He was prepared to eat all of them should security have stopped him but he shared them with the President of his company who also fell in love with them. Not to mention that the 3 pieces I sent had been in my freezer for 3 months first! In my quest to get my hands on these absolutely delicious, one of a kind, comparable to nothing else treats, I’ve been labelled the “TriJacker”. (Yes, I’ve literally shown up and threatened to “TriJack” a batch from whoever was picking them up. Because they taste amazing. Because the Pastry Pimp makes it fun to order and because they are loved by everyone who tries them! I make this statement for no other or improper purpose, save and except for maybe getting my hands on more a little more readily available, other than to rave about a product that has become a staple in our home and to my family. Yours very truly, Kimberly Pinheiro"