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If your TGTs aren’t better than sex, give me his number.
— TGT Sweetling Janice King
Oh my God, this is food porn.
— Jessy of The Laundry Tarts
Forget the PCP, pass the TGT!
— Mark Van Doorn
They are absolutely spectacular!
— Marie Forleo, Host of Marie TV
They’re better than sex!
— TGT Sweetling Gert Woltz
Yeah I’m not sharing those things. They are so fantastic!
— TGT Sweetling Hilda
Those were to die for!
— Mike McCulloch, Host of CBC KW
These really are the best desserts, wow!
— Natalie MacNeil of She Takes on the World
It’s like an orgasm in your mouth.
— TGT Sweetling Rhonda Moffitt
OMG. They are even better than I ever imagined! They have all the best attributes of butter tarts and the best of perfectly made chocolate chip cookies! Oh, and Mandy herself is WONDERFUL! We’ll be back!
— TGT Sweetling Craig Rintoul
They are like God in a triangle. So delish!
— TGT Sweetling Christen Zuch
My winnings didn’t even get home last week. I slammed that whole batch sitting in traffic. Stuff is like crack. But delicious and edible.
— TGT Sweetling Carl Baker
All the joys of dating without the commitment.
— Mark Payne, Host of Rogers Daytime
So another woman introduced me to my second wife and her name is Too Good Triangles. By the way, my first wife loves her, too. I’m a lucky man. Can someone say threesome?
— TGT Sweetling Jason Creveling
They’re like a unicorn and a care bear got in a kitchen and decided to make a treat. So amazing!
— TGT Sweetling Lynette Kelly
Delicious! It’s like if a chocolate chip cookie and a butter tart had a baby. So good!
— TGT Sweetling Jess McArthur
I love TGT more than any other dessert!
— TGT Sweetling Crystal Chimel
I could NOT wait until tomorrow to try TGT soooo I tried one tonight. Well everything I have heard is true. Delicious. Just so good. So great for a dessert. Love them! Thank you, Mandy, for my birthday special.
— TGT Sweetling Isabel Hudgin
Omfg!!! I have to tell you, I’m not much for sweets at all! I am addicted to your TGTs. Swear to god. We ate them all and I’m already craving more! I can’t believe how amazing they are. Thanks again, beautiful. xo
— TGT Sweetling Chris Schweitzer
I won a batch of Mandy Richardson’s famous Too Good Triangles last week and got them in the mail Monday! They did NOT last 24 hours! Needless to say my mouth is wanting more!!!! Had to share the wealth, everyone needs to try these atleast once! My mouth is watering!! Ahhhh... I am a Triangle addict!!
— TGT Sweetling Amanda Creveling
Had my first mouthgasm caused by a Too Good Triangle. Mind is blown. I want to share the joy with everyone, just as Mandy Fitzgerald did for me! Thanks again!
— TGT Sweetling Majestic Seven
The best gift I have ever received. I got this amazing treat as a lovely gift on Valentine’s Day. It was amazing. I love them. Thank you for making these wonderful treats.
— TGT Sweetling Rebekah Mohabir
It’s true. They’re amazing.
— TGT Sweetling Bronson May
Add it to the bucket list! You MUST try some of these one day!
— TGT Sweetling Andi Leslie
The inventor of Too Good Triangles should be sainted.
— TGT Sweetling Cheryl Lambert
I moan with every bite I take and I’m sure my eyes roll to the back of my head too!
— TGT Sweetling Carmen Cordova
They make my tongue turn into instant velvety melting yummy goodness. I can’t get enough!
— TGT Sweetling Michelle Ruthven
The kid and I are having withdrawals.
— TGT Sweetling Jolene Dwyer
The first time I ate them was 7 days after I had my baby girl and they amazed me almost as much as her.
— TGT Sweetling Jessica Hill
They’re good for the soul. They make you happy!
— TGT Sweetling Melissa MacKenzie
I have been lost...but now I have found the way of Mandy Richardson’s Too Good Triangles!
— TGT Sweetling Adam Guido Demarte
These are TO DIE FOR! I have will power, have quit smoking, but resisting these TGTs?” Impossible!
— TGT Sweetling Celina Moniz
They ARE the bestest dessert - and I generally don’t don’t like dessert so that’s saying something!
— TGT Sweetling Valerie Beyer
The pastry pimp strikes again. Those things are magical.
— TGT Sweetling Carl Baker
They are heavenly and ridiculously good looking (and tasty too). Coconut, chocolate, and rainbows I believe are the main ingredients, but can’t be too sure.
— TGT Sweetling Julie Rabe
They are SO good! It’s the shape that makes them even better. Something about the 3 corners makes the whole experience that much more decadent!
— TGT Sweetling Laura Gauthier
OMG! These tasty little triangles are absolutely delish! Too die for actually! Tried one (ok who am I kidding? 2, maybe even 3 or 4) when my friend had them at Christmas. If you haven’t had one yet you should but I must warn you that you won’t stop at just ONE!
— TGT Sweetling Krista Gemmell-Devine
These are the best dessert treats I’ve EVER had! We finished the whole box in less then 12 hours! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
— TGT Sweetling Diane Milley
F’n love em. The things I would do for some are illegal in four provinces and seventeen states. Just so you know.
— TGT Sweetling Anthony Arthur
We all devoured them, they are fantastic!
— Staff at Gravity Hair Salon
Sensual Sweets made by an equally Sensual Goddess. I love these tasty triangles!
— TGT Sweetling Debbie Dronfield
If you don’t like ooey, gooey, chocolately, coconuty deliciousness...walk away now!
— TGT Sweetling Thea Sommerstorfer
I swear these things make people go evil! Sexiest, evilest, sex in a pan treats in the entire history of ever!
— TGT Sweetling Kimmy D