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I grew up eating Classic TGT (the addiction began at age 7), except they weren't called Too Good Triangles back then. They were called Too Good Squares and they were my favourite part about visiting my grandmother in Toronto each Christmas. I loved her squares so, SO much, and in my early 20s I asked her for the recipe.

For the next 15+ years I baked her Too Good Squares for friends and family, and over time I started experimenting with measurements, baking temperatures, and baking times to create the gooiest dessert ever.

I eventually perfected my own version of the original recipe by adding more chocolate chips and coconut, baking the dessert for 10 minutes less and also 25 degrees lower to ensure extra softness.

To make this sweet transformation complete, I started baking the dessert in round tins instead of square ones so that every single slice of Too Good Goodness had the trademark crispy edge that goes oh so perfectly with its soft gooey centre.

Soon enough, friends starting asking if they could pay me to bake for their events and workplace, and Too Good Triangles as a business, was born.

Having refined the already incredible Too Good Square into the super yummy delish Too Good Triangle that is now softer, gooier, and sweeter than its previous reincarnation, my famous dessert has yet to meet a mouth that hasn’t fallen in love at first bite. So what are you waiting for?

Classic TGT Pricing (Includes Tax)

Box of 12 slices (1 pound) - $20

Two or more boxes of 12 - $15 each (Only on Fridays through the TGT Pop Up Shop)

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Classic TGT Ingredients

eggs, flour, butter, brown sugar, pure vanilla, chocolate chips, coconut




Although I am not gluten-free myself, I care very deeply about what my customers want and need. They asked for a Gluten-Free version of TGT and I delivered, but not without the help of Chef Samantha Boros who is vegan and gluten-free herself. We experimented with various gluten-free flours until we found the perfect one for this unique dessert, and I am proud to say that gluten-free has never tasted so good.

I'm not even kidding.

I triple-dog-dare you to find a more delicious gluten-free dessert, and I double pinky swear that none of your friends or family will believe you when you tell them these treats aren't made with gluten. Most would argue that Gluten-Free TGT tastes even better than the original Classic TGT, but I'll let you decide. 

Please Note: As with most gluten-free treats, our Gluten-Free Too Good Triangles are quite delicate. These batches require 100% more care than Classic TGT and Vegan/Gluten-Free TGT when making them, and are much more airy and crumbly than the other two styles so please expect a few crumbles. 



(You can still purchase GF Batter or GF Dry Mix)

Gluten-Free TGT Pricing (Includes Tax)

Box of 12 slices (1 pound) - $25

Two or more boxes of 12 - $20 each (Only on Fridays through the TGT Pop Up Shop)

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Gluten-Free TGT Ingredients

eggs, gluten-free flour, butter, brown sugar, pure vanilla, chocolate chips, coconut

(cross contamination may occur so if you have a severe gluten allergy, please choose wisely) 




If a rich, chocolate, nutty fudge brittle sounds yummy delish to you, Vegan TGT is where it's at. 99% of those who consume this addictive substance are not vegan themselves, so don't let the fact that they're pretty freaking healthy (compared to most sweets) dampen your desire for the ultimate mouthgasm. 

I was inspired to create Vegan/Gluten-Free TGT so that Chef Samantha, Ellen Degeneres and her wife, Portia, as well as Russell Brand, could all partake in the gloriousness that is TGT. All notable vegans, I knew I couldn't leave them, and every other vegan, out of this sweet 3-cornered loop.

Chef Sam and I worked extra hard to create this masterpiece and it took a ton of flops to finally get it right.

Here's the thing: Vegan/Gluten-Free TGT is nothing like Classic TGT or Gluten-Free TGT. It looks, smells, tastes, cooks, sets and feels completely different from the other two styles, and you'll either love it or you'll hate it. Some tastebuds are like, "OMG! Where have you been all my life?" and others are like, "OMG. So gross. Where's the bucket?". It's not for everyone.

That being said, Vegan TGT is by far the most popular of all three styles and it's not because vegans are buying them. Most sweetlings, myself included, are not vegan or even gluten-free. We simply tried Vegan TGT once and couldn't stop.

You'd probably be surprised to know that I do not have much of a sweet tooth despite the fact that I sell desserts for a living, but when it comes to Vegan TGT, I can eat an entire batch in one sitting and I'm not the only one. I actually ate four batches in one week. That's the blessing and curse of being The Pastry Pimp. No one's around to stop me.

Those who love Vegan/Gluten-Free TGT end up loving it with all their tastebuds and would never dream of returning to Classic TGT. True story. So I invite you to give it a whirl someday to see what all the buzz is about.



(You can still purchase Vegan/GF Batter)

Vegan/Gluten-Free TGT Pricing (Includes Tax)

Box of 12 slices (1 pound) - $25

Two or more boxes of 12 - $20 each (Only on Fridays through the TGT Pop Up Shop)

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Vegan/Gluten-Free TGT Ingredients

 flaxseed, gluten-free flour, vegan butter, brown sugar, pure vanilla, chocolate chips, coconut

(cross contamination may occur so if you have a severe dairy or gluten allergy, please choose wisely)




What's better than a bong, better than cookie dough and even better than Too Good Triangles? TGT Batter, that's what!

For years sweetlings have asked for it and of course the Pastry Pimp delivered, so now you can enjoy the sweet smell of freshly baked TGT in your own home with pints of TGT Batter in all 3 styles: Classic, Gluten-Free and Vegan/Gluten-Free.

You can even get creative as to how you use the batter. Will you make cookies, loaves, poppers, squares, the original triangles? WHO KNOWS!?! Will you eat TGT Batter right off the spoon? Beats me!?! Whatever you do, you're gonna love transforming your kitchen into a TGT haven. You can bake for your friends or even get baked yourself by adding your greens to the mix. Anything is possible with TGT Batter.

DISCLAIMER: Maybe you'll want add your TGT batter to ice cream or eat it by the spoonful (Classic TGT Batter tastes so damn good!) but PLEASE NOTE that eating raw cookie dough is NEVER recommended. Flour and eggs in pre-made commercial cookie dough are treated to kill bacteria. TGT batter is NOT treated. So in this case, processed foods can sometimes be safer for you than homemade "natural" foods. The good news is that high temperatures kill E. coli, so once your cookies/TGT are baked, you’re totally fine to eat them. I don't want you getting sick from my grandma's delicious creation, so if you do plan to sneak a spoonful of TGT batter like I've done too many times to count, devour at your own risk and PLEASE READ this article about consuming dough containing egg and flour before you take a scoop.

TGT Batter Pricing (Includes Tax)*

Pint of Classic Batter (1 batch) - $12.50

4 pints of Classic Batter - $40

Pint of Gluten-Free Batter (1 batch) - $14

4 pints of Gluten-Free Batter - $45

Pint of Vegan/Gluten-Free Batter (1 batch) - $15

4 pints of Vegan/Gluten-Free Batter - $50

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TGT Baking Basics

  • Please note that Frozen TGT Batter cannot be shipped. It can only be picked up or delivered in Montreal, Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo.



TGT Party Mix is Perfect for those who want the ultimate mouthgasm infused with herb butter. Just add the egg, vanilla and butter of your choice, and you’ll be flyin’. Makes one batch of Too Good Triangles. Each batch makes 12 regular slices or 8 jumbo slices of TGT. Baking directions are included.

TGT Party Mix Pricing (Includes Tax)

Pint of Classic Party Mix (1 batch) - $10

4 pints of Classic Party Mix - $35

Pint of Gluten-Free Party Mix (1 batch) - $12

4 pints of Gluten-Free Party Mix - $40


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TGT Baking Basics


Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 7.43.18 PM.png

Showcase your love for Too Good Triangles with its signature logo on a postcard-sized magnet. Perfect for the fridge to remind you of what you have stocked in the freezer. Not that you even need a reminder that TGT is in the house. Size: 5.5 x 4 inches and it fits perfectly in your box of Too Good Triangles so there’s no need for extra shipping!

TGT Magnet Pricing (Includes Tax) - $5

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